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Compliments of Frances Guthrie ~ Your island real estate agent

About Cortes Island Real Estate


Hello and welcome to my website. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about myself and my connection to Cortes Island.

Offering professional real estate services to Sellers and Buyers is a wonderful way to share my love of Cortes and the island life-style we enjoy here!

I specialize in Cortes Island real estate, working from my home office in the Manson’s area, I bring enthusiasm and island knowledge to my work – and I love details too – a valuable skill in this work, where contract details, dates and timelines are an essential component of a successful transaction.

Cortes has always been my home – my grandmother was born to early settlers in 1920, she always told us great stories about her parents, the home her father built and the orchards and gardens he planted in Seaford where three generations of us were raised. My father’s family arrived by Union Steamship to the Seaford government dock in 1940 when my father was 4 years old. His dad, my grandfather - drove the very first school bus on Cortes, a 1928 chev truck, with benches for the kids to sit on.

Living on Cortes has provided me with opportunities for unlimited skill development: I have worked in the seafood industry, cooked in restaurants, managed retail businesses, driven freight trucks, and worked in finance, accounting and office positions. When I was a little girl I pushed my wheel barrow around behind my dad, and with my very own hammer and saw I cut and nailed. From those early days as a carpenter in training I have progressed to fencing, roofing my barn and home, and even renovated my kitchen: Of course, I still rely on advice from my dad!

My island home is a simple little cabin on 11 acres of Cortes paradise – with orchard, garden and my small herd of gorgeous horses! I no longer gallop along the Gunflint Lake roadside by moonlight, nor trot thru the paths in the dark of night – but I do ride my horses, bareback on the forest trails and sometimes the beaches leaving hoof prints in the sand that are washed away by the waves of the incoming tide.

My passion for horses has led me to build saddles, shoe horses, and become certified in natural hoof care – for seven years I travelled all of Vancouver Island, providing trimming and lameness rehabilitation to clients. In 2003 with my handsome and strong willed fjord horse ‘Sid’ I became one of the first five Canadians to achieve level 3 in the Parelli Natural Horsemanship program. For many years I have shared my love of horses with students, mostly young children teaching them about partnership, harmony and loving leadership. There are three magnificent horses sharing my life now and filling my heart with their beauty and presence.

At this time, like other areas of BC, we find there is a shortage of listings on Cortes – so be sure to watch the market closely and have your finances in order and your research complete so you can make an offer quickly when the ideal listing comes up!

As a seller it is still important to price your property to reflect current market values – ensuring your listing is competitive and appealing to buyers.

A free comparative market analysis provides you with important information and helps determine the list price when you place your property on the market.

Whether you are buying or selling on Cortes Island. I will provide you with confidential, exceptional service. If real estate is new to you, please don’t hesitate to ask questions! I remember buying our first home – it was exciting – but there was a lot to learn too

Please contact me at my home office:
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